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Irish dancing on the lawn – May 17

Another wonderful performance from some of our very talented residents during social distancing.

Art Challenge @ No 61

One of the latest Physical Distance & Social Togetherness events is the Art Challenge, where everyone is invited to recreate a famous work of art at home using members of the family and any props you have to hand.  (You can also recreate the work in pens and paint.)

Here are the fantastic recreations from Nicole and Bastian Victor at Number 61.  Why not have a go yourselves; take a picture of the results and post it in your window.



Sunday Night on the Lawn – May 10

Live performances from some of our talented residents have become a very special feature of Templemere life under lock-down.  If you missed them, here are two from Sunday May 10, a poetry reading from Brenda (who came up with the original suggestion) and a violin recital from Angela, aged 7.



Templemere Family Day 2017


Capturing the sights and sounds of our favourite day in the Templemere calendar.  Click here to see video

Houzz Home Review

Tree_bench_7862We should all be proud and grateful for a flattering description of our home and community. We are blessed now with TWO articles (with exquisite photos) by Kate Burt at

Please read the following article, GARDEN TOUR: AN IDYLLIC COMMUNAL GARDEN LANDSCAPED AROUND ANCIENT TREES  for an informative and beautifully written history of Templemere’s design.