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Sunday Night on the Lawn – May 10

Live performances from some of our talented residents have become a very special feature of Templemere life under lock-down.  If you missed them, here are two from Sunday May 10, a poetry reading from Brenda (who came up with the original suggestion) and a violin recital from Angela, aged 7.



Templemere Family Day 2017


Capturing the sights and sounds of our favourite day in the Templemere calendar.  Click here to see video

Houzz Home Review

Tree_bench_7862We should all be proud and grateful for a flattering description of our home and community. We are blessed now with TWO articles (with exquisite photos) by Kate Burt at

Please read the following article, GARDEN TOUR: AN IDYLLIC COMMUNAL GARDEN LANDSCAPED AROUND ANCIENT TREES  for an informative and beautifully written history of Templemere’s design.


Landscape Concept Linked to “Capability” Brown

garden gallery slideshowA recent article in cites Templemere as a fine example of many core concepts established by the celebrated landscape designer, Lancelot “Capability” Brown, whose birthday was 300 years ago.

“The 18th century visionary was responsible for creating more than 170 English gardens…”

Read the following article, HOW TO USE CAPABILITY BROWN’S LANDSCAPING TRICKS IN YOUR SMALL GARDEN by Kate Burt, for some background to why Templemere’s garden spaces are so successful and admired.

Broad Water Lake Project Report

Broad Water Lake view of the new shoreline

Broad Water Lake view of the new shoreline

Broad Water Lake project began and was completed the week of the 23rd January 2016. The goal was to revitalize the lake and improve the water flow going East from Beechcroft Manor and Templemere. The work was approved, and largely funded, by the Elmbridge Community Infrastructure Levy. The contractors, Land & Water Services Ltd, used very specialized equipment, including both land and aquatic excavators.

Amphibious digger with floating tracks

Amphibious digger with floating tracks

Templemere resident, Alex Rayner, heading up the Lake Committee, was tasked with managing the project, from sourcing the contractor to overseeing completion of the restoration. Other committee members were recruited for the planning, funding, and arranging for equipment access to the lake, via a wooded path. In addition, an important consideration was the environmental impact, particularly wildlife nesting habitat.

The project is part of a grand scheme to regularly improve the fresh-water flow, protect wildlife habitat, and improve community access to the waterfront. Broad Water Lake stretches about a mile from Weybridge, and fed by artisanal springs somewhere behind St. George’s Junior School. It terminates into a stream, funneling into Engine River that ends at the Thames near Walton Bridge. The Templemere waterfront property, about mid-journey, is approximately one tenth of the entire length of the lake.

Shoreline after work was completed

Shoreline after work was completed

Final results: As the photos indicate, the new shoreline has been leveled and simplified. Much of the encroaching reeds have been removed or pushed back, particularly on the opposite shore. Although it currently is dried mud, the level shoreline will eventually re-seed itself. It has been suggested that some new plantings, seeds, shrubs, etc. could be added. The results do look promising and it is exciting to witness how nature will eventually re-inhabit the new edge of the shore. This blank canvas suggests a future of grassy vistas to be enjoyed by all. We encourage community members to have a look for themselves.